Performance Performance Analysis Of Plastic Hose _pvc Hose Suction Pipe

In view of the current PVC steel wire telescopic pipe, TPU (polyurethane) steel wire telescopic pipe performance price ratio analysis, PVC steel wire telescopic pipe is less than half of the cost of TPU (polyurethane) steel wire telescopic tube, in order to solve the current stage users for TPU steel wire telescopic pipe higher cost of resistance problem, the TPU pipe cost is high High cost TPU raw materials and copper plated steel wire, high cost makes high quality, greatly prolongs the service life of the pipe. From a cost-effective point of view, the PVC management work life is about 6 months, but the theoretical working life of the TPU tube is 36 months long, although the cost of the tube is close to half of the TPU tube, but in the later period. The use of medium and remote is not as good as TPU tube. When two kinds of tubes are used in conveying environment such as crushed materials and shavings, the PVC tube is easy to burst holes and air leakage, and the TPU tube is characterized by high wear resistance, high toughness, high temperature resistance and so on. It can be transported completely to the soft and hard medium such as crushed material and glass ballast, and can not cause any damage.

Personally, in the near future, with the rapid development of technology and manufacturing industry, TPU tube will gradually replace PVC tube, maybe 5 years may be tomorrow.