Performance Index Of PVC Hose Modification

The thermal stability and light resistance of PVC are poor. Hydrogen chloride was decomposed at 150 C, with the adverse reaction of the plasticizer content. In addition, the influence of pigment on PVC is reflected in whether pigment is reacted with PVC and other components of PVC products, and pigment itself is resistant to migration and heat resistance.


Mobility occurs only in plasticized PVC products, and in the use of dyes or organic pigments. The transfer is part of the existing in the surrounding solvent soluble dye or pigment, the plasticizer penetrated into the surface of PVC products, the dissolved dye (pigment) particles were also brought to the products on the surface, thus lead to contact bleeding, bleeding or a solvent.


Refers to the ability of pigments to withstand a variety of climate. These include visible and ultraviolet light, moisture, temperature, atmospheric chlorination, and chemicals encountered during the use of products. The most important weatherability, including the persistence of color fading, powdering resistance and physical properties. Organic pigments are poor because of their different structures. In addition, the weatherability of the pigment is seriously affected in the formula containing white pigment.


The softening point of PVC resin is low, about 75-80 C, and the embrittlement temperature is lower than -50~-60 C. The temperature of most products is not more than 55 C, and the special formula can reach 90 C. If the PVC resin is pure head and sex connection, and it has no branched chain and unsaturated bond, even though the C-Cl bond energy is relatively small, the stability of PVC resin should be relatively high.

Electrical properties

Polyvinyl chloride is a polar polymer, and has strong affinity for conductive materials such as water. So its resistance is smaller than that of non-polar polyolefin, but it still has high volume electrical Yin and breakdown voltage.

Many areas of PVC brake hose has been applied to the production life, summed up the use of working conditions, the common tube includes: water pipe, water pipe, steam pipe, pipe, sea food and beverage pipe, air pipe, welding pipe, gas pipe, ventilation pipe material, pipe and oil pipe, chemical pipe, high-pressure pipe etc..