PE Lay Flat Hose Water Supply Pipe

PE Lay Flat Hose Water supply pipe

PE pipe and PE thin-walled hose is now the most water-saving irrigation water pipe irrigation applications with the most extensive, the most convenient operation, the installation of the most simple, the lowest price of drip irrigation pipe. PE, that is, English polyethylene polyethylene short, PE thin-walled hose, also known as PE thin-walled tube, PE hose, to the dragon and other names. PE thin-walled hose in the production of internal anti-aging agent added additives, anti-aging performance [atomization nozzle] good, long service life. At present, drip irrigation in Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Ningxia and other areas of the field drip irrigation potatoes, corn, peanuts and other crops planted in PE thin-walled tubes have been widely used drip irrigation zone.

PE thin-walled hose in the drip irrigation or drip irrigation method is often used as irrigation PE pipe to use, and then through a dedicated PE socket tube, apron, steel card, etc. can also be connected by the PE thin-walled hose Pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, pipe, Drip irrigation or flanking labyrinth drip irrigation.

The use of PE thin-walled tube as the ground supervisor, combined fertilization tank, fertilization valve, Venturi fertilizer composition of the fertilization system and the network filter, centrifugal filter, laminated filter system composed of drip irrigation, drip irrigation Tube, micro-nozzle, small tube out, drip, drop arrows and other emitters, the same can be composed of a full set of micro-irrigation irrigation system.

PE thin-walled hose compared to other advantages of water supply pipe more obvious pe tube:

1. Relative to the PE pipe: PE thin-walled hose is more economical, lower prices, transportation costs than ordinary PE pipe 50% or more, the installation operation is more simple, more convenient recycling and maintenance.

2. Compared to the PVC pipe: PE water hose anti-aging performance [atomization nozzle] good, placed on the ground, without digging deep, the price and transportation costs lower.

Irrigation equipment Co., Ltd. has a full set of PE pipe, PE thin-walled pipe, PE pipe production equipment, the company production and supply of PE thin-walled tube main pressure compensation drip has the following specifications: ¢ 63mm, ¢ 75mm, ¢ 90mm, ¢ 110mm And so on several specifications. Drip pipe | PE pipe | PE hose | drip irrigation tube | micro-nozzle | micro-jet belt | pressure compensated dripper | mesh filter | current regulator | centrifugal filter | fertilization tank | fertilization valve | Environmental health water supply pipe hot melt docking method:

1, hot melt connection before and after cleaning the welder to indicate and heat the tool. Welding shows that there are dirt, the application of drip irrigation with a clean cloth wipe, heating tools on the polyethylene residue can only be cut with a wooden scraper.

2. Check that the butt welding machine matches the pipe diameter and the specified butt welding cycle.

3, hot-melt connection heating time and heating temperature should be consistent with the connection tool manufacturers and pipe, pipe production plant requirements, the welding temperature is usually between 200 ℃ -235 ℃.

4, hot melt connection pressure, cooling time, should meet the hot melt connection tool manufacturers and pipe, pipe production plant regulations, in the pressure and cooling time shall not move the connection or pressure on the connector.

5, pe pipe hot melt butt should meet the following requirements:

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