PE Lay Flat Hose Strict Raw Materials

PE Lay Flat Hose Strict raw materials

Pipe wall thickness uneven

Reason: 1) mouth touch or core touch bolts loose, mouth touch gap adjustment is not appropriate. 2) mouth touch or core touch temperature uneven, resulting in inconsistent material. 3) sizing sleeve and the mouth is not right, spiral shunt shuttle or screen blockage.

Solution: 1) fasten the bolt or adjust the mouth touch the gap 2) check the heating ring and temperature sensor 3) adjust the sizing sleeve and the mouth touch on the split flow shuttle or screen.

Low elongation at break

Reason: 1 raw materials are not good 2 to increase the orientation, cleanliness increased

Solution: 1 to adjust the process temperature, strengthen the plasticizing effect 2 to increase the distance between the mouth and set the sleeve.


Reason: Gravity effect

Solution: Increase the calibration device

PE pipe manufacturers must establish a strict raw material supplier evaluation procedures, select the appropriate raw materials and raw materials based on the detection of appropriate treatment. High-quality polyethylene pressure pipe production equipment on the integrated output capacity dependency is very strong, pipe manufacturers in the equipment selection must be fully research and demonstration, in order to choose to cost-effective equipment. Pipe manufacturers should establish strict operating procedures and procedures and strengthen the process and control efforts in order to achieve both the quality of the pipe control and reasonable to reduce the cost of production purposes. The process of setting the pressure pipe and the solution of the quality problem in the production process requires a lot of production experience, which requires the manufacturer to accumulate the raw data extensively and analyze and summarize it and guide the production in order to realize the steady improvement of the product quality. First, the surface of the pipe ripples.

Reason: 1 insufficient cooling 2 Seal size is not appropriate to form a vibration phenomenon.

Solution: increase the diameter of the set of water or increase the distance between the mouth and the sizing sleeve. Check the vacuum seal size is small, if small, replace or properly reduce the first vacuum chamber vacuum, increase the second vacuum chamber vacuum.

Surface pitting (mainly inner wall).

Reason: 1 raw material containing impurities 2 mouth touch and core touch between the wall clean up 3 local temperature is too high,

Leading to aging. Solution: 1 check the raw material 2 clean up or transition for a period of time 3 check the temperature sensor.