PE Lay Flat Hose Scratch Resistance

PE Lay Flat Hose Scratch resistance

Advantages of PE Flat Hose Advantages of PE Flat Hose? Today pe pipe to give you the introduction is this content, I hope you through the introduction of this article, you can PE flat hose and other aspects of the content of a certain understanding and understanding, following the experts to follow the look at the relevant Introduction to the content of it

Small diameter PE pipe or thin wall with the way with the socket;

Large diameter PE pipe need to use a dedicated hot melt machine PE, PE flat hose advantage of the use of docking (that is, PE flat hose and pipe directly after melting on the connection);

PE water supply pipe can be connected with the fuse. In recent years with the development of China's science and technology and technological progress, China's plastic pipe development soon, the quality is constantly improving. PE flat hose advantages in the construction industry occupies a major position, PE flat hose PE flat hose advantages of the application of a wide range of materials. PE flat hose unique advantages determine the plastic pipe industry in China's major development leader in China's plastic pipe on the development of more rapid, the quality is relatively high. A lot of people for our PE water pipes, Tangshan, Hebei, the country | prices, manufacturers, supply, how much money, wholesale, and so have some understanding, but also for everyone introduced, and today Xiaobian will give you "PE flat The development trend of the hose PE flat hose is the main characteristic of what "hope to help to everyone.

For PE flat hose seismic performance, the industry's understanding of the more unified, PE flat hose has a unique flexibility and excellent scratch resistance, easy to move, bend and interspersed, in case of pavement settlement, dislocation is not easy to break Causing damage, good seismic performance. In the 1995 Kobe earthquake in Japan, the only pipeline that did not cause large-scale damage was the PE gas pipe and the water supply pipe. It is also because of the advantages of PE flat hose, including the advantages of many advantages, so that the European pipeline market occupies an important position, and become the United States more than a decade of various plastic pipe products in the application of the fastest growing pipeline product.

Performance characteristics

PE flat hose nature of the inert material, in addition to a very small number of strong oxidants, can withstand a variety of chemical media erosion. Pipeline to promote the future to PE flat hose-based, domestic PVC pipe ratio decreased year by year, PE flat hose instead. Europe and the United States developed countries, PVC pipe and PE flat hose ratio has been quite, respectively, 45%, 41%. PE flat hose instead of PVC pipe trend, and foreign PE flat hose in the memory of the establishment of a very mature standard construction specifications. National "thirteen five" target made it clear that by 2020 the promotion and application of plastic pipe mainly to PE flat hose-based, and vigorously develop new plastic pipe pipe, PE flat hose development trend for the early completion of pipe network project.