PE Lay Flat Hose Macromolecular Organic Compounds

PE Lay Flat Hose Macromolecular organic compounds

Called the PE Polyethylene, is the most simple structure of high polymer organic compound, the world's most widely used polymer materials, composed of ethylene polymerization. Depending on the density is divided into high density polyethylene, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene. Low density polyethylene soft, multi-purpose high pressure polymerization; High density polyethylene with rigidity, hardness, and high mechanical strength, multi-purpose low-pressure polymerization. High density polyethylene can do container, pipe, also can do the high frequency electrical insulating materials, used in radar and television.

Standards: GB/T13663-2000 "water supply with polyethylene (PE) pipe"; Drinking water hygiene performance accord with GB/T17219 provisions; By the level of PE100 of feedstock, commonly used in pressure of water transport.

HDPE pipe (PE)

1, good hygienic performance: PE pipe processing without adding heavy metal salt stabilizers, material of non-toxic, no fouling layer, not breed bacteria, well solved the city the secondary pollution of drinking water.

2, excellent corrosion resistance: except a few strong oxidizer, resistant to various chemical media; No electrochemical corrosion.

3, long service life: under rated temperature and pressure conditions, PE pipe is safe to use more than 50 years.

4, good impact resistance: PE tube good toughness and impact resistance strength is high, heavy pressure piping directly, will not lead to a broken line.

5, reliable connection performance: PE pipe hot melt, or the strength of the fused interface is higher than the pipe ontology, seam will not move due to soil or the role of live load disconnect.

6, good construction performance: light pipe, welding process is simple, convenient construction, engineering comprehensive cost is low.

White PE pipe is what? Customer construction or purchase again with design institute or the owner to specify use white PE pipe, so what is the white PE pipe pipe? Here we have several kinds of the PE pipe, white an introduction.

A: LDPE tube

LDPE pipe is actually low density PE, PE itself points of high density polyethylene HDPE and low density polyethylene (LDPE, LDPE pipe for white color, generally is the coil in the majority, but now the dosage of the straight tube is increasing gradually, LDPE tube is mainly used for threading, characteristic is transparent, more hardness, defect is not lift performance, not fit for trenchless pipe jacking.

2: HDPE pipe

HDPE pipe is high density polyethylene, HDPE raw material itself is white, and now we see on the market of PE pipe is the main reason is the black and black female reason, because from the perspective of the using of steel tubes, joined the black mother, pipe is not transparent, so the possibility of a breeding ground for harmful bacteria becomes small. New material with pure HDPE raw material to the pipe, without black mother is white, the pipe is lifted and the double advantages of ring stiffness, and health indicators are pass, but the cost is higher, so the general market, will not be adopted unless there are special requirements, of course more power can't be used for threading pipe.

Three: hybrid PE pipe

Because the customer or the owner's demand, must be the color of the PE pipe needs to be white, so can a mixture of LDPE and HDPE raw material in the production, or you can also use the HDPE reworked material with high quality, many customers think reworked material, it is not good material, in fact this is a wrong concept, application of reworked material abroad some performance index is better than a brand new material instead. With hybrid made white PE tube performance is good, the cost is relatively pure HDPE material of low cost, suitable for the market, is the mainstream of trenchless power PE pipe pipe.