PE Lay Flat Hose Low Temperature Performance

PE Lay Flat Hose Low temperature performance

PE flat hose is made of polyethylene as the main raw material, adding antioxidants, carbon black and coloring materials made of. Its characteristics are small density, high strength, low temperature performance and toughness, brittle temperature up to -80 ℃.

PE flat hose plastic can be processed in a variety of ways, made of thin film, sheet, pipe, profile and other products; and easy to cut, bond and "welding" processing. Plastic easy to color, can be made into a variety of bright colors; can also be printed, electroplating, printing and embossing and other processing, making the plastic has a rich decorative effect.

Most of the plastic on the acid, alkali, salt and other corrosion resistance than metal materials and some inorganic materials, especially for chemical plant doors and windows, floors, walls, etc .; thermoplastics can be dissolved by some organic solvents, thermosetting plastics Can not be dissolved, only a certain degree of swelling may occur. Plastic has a good resistance to environmental water corrosion resistance, low water absorption, can be widely used in waterproof and moisture-proof works.

PE flat hose plastic heat resistance is generally not high, at high temperatures to withstand the load is often softening deformation, and even decomposition, deterioration, ordinary thermoplastic deformation temperature of 60-120 ℃, only a small number of varieties can be around 200 ℃ long-term use. Part of the plastic easy to fire or slow burning, burning will produce a lot of toxic fumes, resulting in building fire when the casualties. Plastic Branch of the linear expansion coefficient larger than the metal 3-10 times. Therefore, the temperature deformation, easy due to the accumulation of thermal stress caused by material damage.

Because of its excellent low temperature performance and toughness, it can resist the sudden damage of vehicle and mechanical vibration, freeze-thawing and sudden change of operating pressure. Therefore, it is possible to use coil to insert or plow the construction, the construction is convenient and the project cost is low. Smooth wall, medium flow resistance is small, low energy consumption of the transmission medium, and is not subject to chemical corrosion of liquid hydrocarbons in the transport medium. Medium and high density PE flat hose for urban gas and natural gas pipeline. Low density PE flat hose suitable for drinking water pipes, cable ducts, agricultural spraying pipes, pumping stations and other pipelines. PE flat hose can also be used in the mining industry, water supply, drainage pipes and ducts. Ductile iron pipe in the latter part of the work more detailed. Polyethylene PE flat hose with low density, than the traditional metal pipe and other plastic pipe, strength and quality is high, crisp low temperature, good toughness, corrosion resistance, good insulation, easy to color, easy to construction and installation, extensive Used in municipal and construction water supply and drainage, gas, heating systems, wire and cable threading, agricultural water saving irrigation and industrial wastewater treatment, mining and ore transportation and other fields.

Compared with the steel pipe, the cost can be reduced to about 12%, long working life, up to 50A (steel is generally 20A), low maintenance costs. In the country and region, the screw pump flow and speed and quality of polyethylene pipe buried natural gas pipeline possession has reached more than 90%, water supply 60% market share, foreign memory PE flat hose, the establishment of a very mature standard construction specification.

In China, gradually banned galvanized pipes, PE flattened hoses such as water supply projects are very competitive in areas such as the rapid growth trend in the field of natural gas, industrial water supply and drainage, communication, agricultural irrigation PE flat hose, but Some areas of the pipeline standards and norms have not kept up, to a certain extent, affect the use and development of PE flat hose.

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