PE Lay Flat Hose Good Control

PE Lay Flat Hose Good control

The use of PE pipe can improve the utilization of water in the field

Drip Irrigation Water is applied only around the most useful root zone, eliminating or eliminating the loss of irrigation water leakage below the root system. Similarly, because only part of the surface wet, thus significantly eliminating the ground evaporation. But in the use of drip irrigation should be detailed as follows:

1, control the system pressure, system pressure should be controlled within the scope of the delineation.

2, often wash the filter, it is the key component of the normal things to ensure that the system. If the invention of the filter damage, to real-time exchange.

3, beware of laying the water injector, careful handling, not when gently rolled up, should not step on the pressure or drag on the ground.

4, enhance handling, prevent debris into the water injector or water branch pipe. If the invention of debris into the plug should be opened in real time rinse clean.

5, the temperature in the winter greenhouse is too low, to accept the appropriate pace to prevent cracking plastic parts, water pipes and water injectors.

6, drip irrigation, we must gradually open the valve, and gradually increase the flow to clear the atmosphere, reducing the pressure on the blower to extend its useful life.

Farmland irrigation PE pipe Description:

Polyethylene (PE) is a kind of thermoplastic resin made by polymerization of ethylene. Farmland garden irrigation pipe made of PE (polyethylene) material, it has corrosion-resistant, non-toxic, long life and other characteristics, is widely used in water supply pipe manufacturing. Because of its plastic nature, it does not rust like iron pipes and is a new material, thus replacing other traditional pipes.

Farmland irrigation PE pipe features:

1, strong corrosion resistance. Farmland irrigation PE pipes have excellent resistance to most domestic and industrial chemicals.

2, the inner wall is smooth, the flow resistance is small. Farmland irrigation PE pipe has a smooth inner surface, greatly reducing water flow resistance, reducing material consumption, better transportation.

3, the connection is reliable. Farm irrigation PE pipe using hot melt connection, fused connection, flange connection, etc., the connection process is mature, convenient and quick.

4, no non-toxic. Plant growth also need good water quality, PE to the water pipe non-toxic, safe and secure use, do not pollute the environment.

5, light weight, easy construction. Greatly reduce transportation costs, installation costs, reduce costs.

6, long service life. Farm irrigation PE pipe life up to 50 years.