PE Lay Flat Hose Circulation Capacity

PE Lay Flat Hose Circulation capacity

The role of plastic hose that do not have Xiaobian more talked about, in our lives everywhere can see the plastic hose, as we said before the car wash with the hose, there are irrigation with the hose, Although there are plastic hoses but there are still many categories, today Xiaobian simply talk about, pe pipe is the advantage of what?

What are the advantages of PE pipe:

1, corrosion-resistant, long life, in the coastal areas of China, the groundwater level is high, the land humidity, the use of seamless steel pipe must be anti-corrosion and do the installation of positive outward temper, and life only 30 years, and PE pipe can withstand a variety of Chemical medium erosion, no anti-corrosion treatment. In addition, it will not promote algae, bacteria or fungi growth, the service life of 50 years.

2, excellent physical properties. Medium density polyethylene properties between high and low density polyethylene between the two, both to maintain the high density of polyethylene rigidity, strength, but also very good flexibility, creep resistance, and higher density polyethylene more heat Melt connection performance is excellent, is conducive to the installation of plastic pipe.

3, the flow of large, economically cost-effective. PE pipe wall is smooth, no scaling. PE pipe surface equivalent absolute rough ratio is the steel pipe 1/20, the same diameter, the same length, the same pressure under the PE pipe its circulation capacity than steel pipe about 30%, so the economic advantages. Compared with the metal pipe, PE pipe can reduce the investment of about one-third of the project, can be a small diameter pipe, can further reduce the project cost.

Plastic Hose Storage Tips:

1, PE pipe should be stacked according to different specifications; DN25 below the pipe can be bundled, the length of each bundle should be consistent, and the weight should not exceed 50Kg; fittings should be different varieties, specifications were packing; with non-metallic rope tied and hoisting ; Products from production to use between the storage period should not exceed one year, when the material should adhere to the "first in first out" principle;

2, handling PE pipe and pipe fittings, should be careful, is strictly prohibited violent impact, and sharp objects collision, throwing rolling roll;

3, shall not be exposed, rain, and not with oil, acid, alkali, salt, active and other chemical substances contact;

4, pipe, pipe fittings should be stored in a well-ventilated, the temperature of -5 ~ 40 ℃ in the warehouse or simple shed, not open storage, more than 1 meter from the heat source; temporary construction in the construction site should be covered; Into a sealed plastic bag, batch or single packaging, and placed in thick boxes of storage.

5, the pipe should be stacked horizontally on the formation of the mat, the width of the pad should not be less than 75mm, the spacing is not greater than 1m ~ 1.5m, the pipe ends of the suspension does not exceed 0.5m, stacking height of not more than 1.5m. Pipe pieces by layer code, not too high overlap.

6, in the transport and storage process, the tube can be inserted in the big tube.

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