PE Lay Flat Hose According To Specific

PE Lay Flat Hose According to specific

When selecting a PE flat hose, the appropriate metal PE flat hose, vacuum tube, connector and PE flat hose assembly should be selected according to the specific application. The factors to be considered are PE type flat hose type, PE flat hose Size, PE flat hose length, system operating pressure, the system fluid and the use of the environment, please refer to the product standard.

Lifting of PE flat hose assembly

PE flat hose fittings are varied, should be based on different types of PE flat hose selection of different joints. Note: PE flat hose to be stripped of plastic and no need to peel the two types of glue, then the joints are not the same, to be stripped of plastic type of the collar of the groove should not be too sharp, otherwise it will damage the PE flat hose Of the enhancement layer.

Proper fastening of the joint is critical to the safety and proper operation of the PE flat hose assembly. Many types of joints, to select the appropriate joints, sets of design to the standard, reasonable, sharp groove, non-standard size will buckle the wire reinforcement layer.

Joint buckle should be based on PE flat hose diameter and diameter to determine the amount of buckle.

PE flat hose and PE flat hose assembly handling and storage

The PE flat hose and PE flat hose assembly should always be handled with care. Should not be dragged on sharp and rough surfaces, and should not be subjected to bending and crushing.

PE Flat Hose or PE Flat Hose Assemblies During storage, especially during long term storage, the storage conditions should provide optimum protection and minimal damage to PE flat hose or PE flat hose assemblies.

PE flat hose or PE flat hose assembly storage period should be as short as possible, if you can not avoid long-term storage, the product should be used before the inspection and testing.

Storage, the storage temperature should be 0 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ or so, the relative temperature should not exceed 65%. During storage, the temperature should not exceed 50 ° C and below -30 ° C, and there should be no abnormal fluctuations. Should be stored away from the darkness of the sun and strong artificial light. If there is a window or a glass opening in the storage area, use red, orange or white cover.

Storage site should not have ozone, heat, produce electromagnetic field equipment. The flattened PE flat hose or PE flat hose assembly should be flat and stored at a height that should be limited to the extent that the product at the bottom does not produce permanent deformation. It is not recommended to roll the PE flat hose spool onto the pile.