Overview Of Industrial Hoses

Overview of industrial hoses


Distinguished from the hard tube, the industrial hose also has the characteristics of good flexibility.


Compared with the civil hose, the industrial operating environment is more complex, more harsh, equipment requirements for the pipe is more stringent, so the industrial hose from design, material selection to production, transportation, and even the final storage has strict standards and standards.

The size of industrial hose is wider, the range of pressure and temperature is wide, and the chemical resistance is higher.


Industrial hose applications cover all industrial students

Industrial hose

Industrial hoses (2 sheets)

Production and circulation areas, widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, ship, dock, tanker, agriculture, food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, and the cold and hot water, steam, cooling, ventilation, fire protection, hydraulic, water, gas, media such as fog, mud, sand, iron particle and so on various aspects.

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