Modification Method Of PVC Cold Resistant Hose

PVC (full name Polyvinylchlorid), the main component of PVC, in addition to other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility, and so on. The top layer of the surface mask is lacquer. The main ingredient in the middle is PVC, and the bottom is the back coated adhesive.

PVC cold resistant hose (PVC-U pipe) rigid polyvinyl chloride pipe, is made by PVC resin and stabilizer, lubricants and other hot pressing method after extrusion, is the first developed and applied plastic pipe. The PVC-U pipe has strong corrosion resistance, easy adhesion, low price and hard texture. But because of PVC-U monomer and additives exudation, it is only suitable for the water supply system with a temperature of less than 45 C. Plastic pipes are used for drainage, waste water, chemicals, heating fluids and coolants, food, ultra pure liquids, mud, gas, compressed air and vacuum systems.

PVC resin is a polar non crystalline polymer, density: 1.380 g/cm3, glass transition temperature: 87 degrees C, so the thermal stability is poor, not easy to process. Can not be used directly, must be modified mixing, adding related additives and filler can be used. It is determined that the properties and requirements of the prepared PVC materials are different because of the different kinds and fractions of the additive and filler. We usually call it a PVC formula, which is strictly a PVC modified formula, and PVC is only modified to use. This class is often classified as polymer modified material. The modification of polymer materials is mainly focused on the high performance of general plastics, the transformation of single component materials to multi component materials and composites (alloys, blending and compounding), giving the materials functionalization, optimizing performance and price. The modified methods mainly include chemical modification, filling modification, reinforced modification, blending modification and nano composite modification. The basic principle of modification is to give the material a function or improve some performance by adding additives. Therefore, the high level of PVC formula technology determines the high technology and production capacity of a factory.

In general, PVC should be modified to granulate first, and after the formation of particles by screw extruder, the plasticization is more sufficient and the processing is easier, especially the process is the injection product. The screw extruder is one of the most important equipments in plastic molding. It is used for solid conveying, compaction, melting, shearing and mixing extrusion of plastics through external power transmission and heat transfer of external heating elements. Screw extruders play an important role no matter as plasticizing and granulating machines or molding machines. Strictly speaking, there are special requirements for PVC products. PVC modified formula is made according to customer requirements. There are also copolymerization in the PVC production process, such as vinyl chloride copolymers, PVC blends, and chlorinated PVC.