Main Uses Of PVC Tube PVC

About the PVC tube polyvinyl chloride related knowledge, the small editor has been about the same, then, what is the main use of PVC tube PVC? Let's take a look at it.

Because of its high chemical stability, it can be used in the production of anticorrosive pipes, fittings, oil pipes, centrifugal pumps and blowers. The wide application of hard PVC tank production in the chemical industry lining, corrugated board, building doors and windows, wall decorations and other building materials. Because of its excellent electrical insulation, it can be used in the electrical and electronic industries to make plugs, sockets, switches and cables. In daily life, PVC is used to make sandals, raincoats, toys and artificial leather.

Polyvinyl chloride is made from acetylene gas and hydrogen chloride to the synthesis of vinyl chloride. It has high mechanical strength and good corrosion resistance. It can be used for making waste gas and pollutant discharge tower and gas liquid delivery pipe in chemical and textile industries. It can also replace other corrosion resistant materials to make tanks, centrifugal pumps, ventilators and joints. When the plasticizer content of 30% ~ 40%, to prepare soft PVC, the elongation rate is high, soft products, and has good corrosion resistance and electrical insulation, often made of thin films for industrial packaging, agriculture and daily nursery raincoats, tablecloths and so on, also can be used for the production of acid and alkali resistant hose, cable the foreskin, insulation etc..

Polyvinyl chloride is also used in solar hot water bag, through its absorption characteristics, make a bath hot water bag.

The essence of PVC is a vacuum plastic film, which is used for surface packaging of various panels. Therefore, it is also known as decorative film and adhesive film, which is applied to many industries, such as building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries. The building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, 60%, followed by the packaging industry, and a number of other small range of applications.