Lay Flat Hose Coat Material

Lay Flat Hose Coat material

High-pressure hose joints of the specific parts of the general situation there are two cases: First, the joint body and the steel wire braided high-pressure hose joints are not tightly connected to the joint caused by the joint body and the connection between the hydraulic parts do not close the thread of. For the former, the high-pressure tubing in the withholding process, should be combined with the wall thickness of the sleeve, pay attention to the buckle pressure, remove the buckle is not close to the situation; for the second case, that is, connector and hydraulic parts of the connection between the body is generally used Common fine thread. Connect the connector body and the connector side of the connection with O-ring or combination of sealing gasket for sealing. Generally use the end face or cone seal connection, in the joint end or sealing cone also added O-ring for sealing. However, regardless of what kind of seal, pipe seal failure caused by leakage of about 90%; vibration, tightening torque and other failure caused by oil leakage accounted for 10%. Cause of rubber tube

Rubber tube size accuracy is not uniform, even with the same batch of hose, different parts of the hole size is inconsistent, which is determined by the current production process of the hose, "the current hose production process has a core weaving and coreless weaving two, Only the size can be controlled within the tolerance range and can not maintain uniform consistency; rubber formulations and production can not maintain its hardness and shape shrinkage ratio of the same.

2) core! Coat size effect

Core diameter and jacket size is the key size of the amount of buckling, the current domestic production process is based on the amount of shrinkage of the jacket to control the amount of buckle "and the size of the core and jacket tolerance of the introduction of the buckle error is 0.3mm " Core! The impact of shrinkage deformation of the jacket!

Core! Jacket material is different, the difference in mechanical properties caused by the buckling deformation after the amount of shrinkage is not the same "If the jacket hardness is low, after buckling plastic deformation of the internal stress is small, the locking force is small; coat hardness is high, it may be wire Reinforced layer buckle, withholding after the hole after the shrinkage was polygonal (currently using multi-valve Haf buckle press buckle), resulting in uneven locking force, the seal is extremely unfavorable "If the core hardness is inconsistent, After the shrinkage deformation of different, high hardness, deformation is small, easy to cause broken steel wire; low hardness, deformation, the end of the core and hose with saddle at the end, the actual amount of rubber compression is small, likely to cause leakage " Core! Outer and outer diameter of the jacket will also result in buckling when the deformation is not uniform, the sealing performance is extremely unfavorable "Therefore, improve the hose production process! Effective control of the core and jacket materials and withholding and other measures can effectively control the seizure part of the leakage.