Knowledge Of Polymer Insulating Materials Related

Electrical insulation materials are mainly used in motors, electrical appliances, such as the armature in a generator, motor slot wedges, stator winding and rotor winding insulation. Shape into 6 categories: ① insulating paint, resin and adhesive types. Insulating varnish, for example silicon steel sheet paint, enamel paint, potting resin and a variety of adhesives such as epoxy, polyester, polyurethane, silicone, polyimide alkyd resins (alkyd resin coatings). ② impregnated fiber products. If resin impregnated cotton, silk, synthetic and glass fibers or fabric of the insulating cloth, tape and other products. ③ laminated category. After the various organic or inorganic substrates impregnated resin laminated products, such as various laminates. Black plastic products. By adding various organic or inorganic resin filler, such as televisions, instruments, instrument housings, electrical switch connector shell, and so on. ⑤ membrane, synthetic paper and composite category.