Introduction Of Silica Gel Casing

Silicone rubber double bushing is a two wall silicon rubber insulating bushing, which is coated with silicone rubber insulation glass fiber casing, and coated with silicone rubber at high temperature, and is made of internal fiber outer casing. It has a better dielectric, self extinguishing and softness than the silicon resin glass fiber sleeve.


1, soft and moderate feeling, with good dielectric, self extinguishing, solvent resistance;

2. Continuous use temperature: -60 C ~ 200 c;

3. Soft, arc resistant and corona resistant.

4, standard color: white, can produce other colors according to the requirement.

5. High insulation performance;

6, excellent wear resistance performance;

7. Good flexibility is easy to install.

8, the interlayer adhesion is absolutely firm;

9, rated voltage: 1.2KV/1.5V/2.5KV/4KV/7KV/10KV;


It is applied to the protection and insulation treatment of H&N grade electric motor, household appliances, automobile wiring harness, special luminaire, energy saving lamp, electrothermal equipment, TV and electronic instrument.