Installation Structure And Line Installation Of PVC Pipe

Installation structure and line installation of PVC pipe

PVC pipe has been building a community that pipe material of choice, widely used in various fields of industries, can be fully reflected, in the channel system from its own characteristics so, let Xiaobian to tell you that we usually need during the installation process should pay attention to what matters?

1, in order to ensure the safety of the PVC pipe and clean, should use the pipe bracket on top, to ensure that no pipe laying around and was on a crowd, pipe can also use clean, can prevent mud residue in pipe;

2, before the installation, the layout of the pipeline should be checked clearly, not only to be neat, but also to be well structured and smooth.

3, when installing, the pipe should be placed lightly to avoid damage in the process of handling, and to pay attention to the stone or mud to stay in the pipe.

4, after installation, we have to test the pressure for a period of time. When testing again, we must check that there is no water leakage at every interface, if found, it will be replaced immediately.