Industrial Hose Induction Condition, Can Be Roughly Divided Into Nine Categories.

Industrial hose induction condition, can be roughly divided into nine categories.

Hose for water delivery. It is used in irrigation, horticulture, building, fire fighting, equipment and tank car cleaning, agricultural fertilizer, manure, industrial wastewater drainage, etc.. PVC and EPDM are the most internal adhesive materials.

Hot water and steam hose. It is used for cooling water, engine hot and cold water, food processing, especially hot water and saturated steam in dairy products factory. Most of the internal gum material is EPDM.

Beverage and food hose. For non fat milk, beer, carbonated, Orange Juice, oil, drinking water plants etc.. The inner rubber material is mostly NR or synthetic rubber. Usually need a food grade FDA, DVGW grade, KTW or CE standards certification.

Air hose. For compressor, pneumatic device, mining, construction and other aspects. The glue in the material with NBR, PVC, PU and SBR are combined. Usually the pressure is strictly required.

Welding hose. For welding, cutting etc.. The inner rubber material is mostly NBR or synthetic rubber, and the outer glue is usually made of red, blue, yellow and so on to show the special gas.

Ventilation hose. For the heat, dust, smoke, chemical gases etc.. The internal gum is mainly thermoplastic material and PVC. Usually the tube has a retractable design.

Material suction hose. It is used in the liquid transportation of solid particles such as gas, fog, powder, particle, fiber, sand, cement, fertilizer, coal dust, sand, soil, gypsum and so on. NR, NBR, SBR and PU are the main internal adhesive materials. Usually, the outer rubber has higher abrasion resistance.

Oil hose. For fuel, diesel oil, kerosene, etc.. The glue in the material with NBR, PVC and SBR are combined. There are usually between the inner and outer rubber conductive wire, to prevent the mars.

Chemical hose. It is used in acid, chemical solution and so on. Most of the internal gum material is EPDM. Usually this kind of need to customize the material and design.


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