Identification Of ----pvc Steel Tube For Plastic Hose

Most customers ask how to identify the PVC steel tube in the plastic hose without testing tools and testing conditions. In this case, we can identify the advantages and disadvantages of the plastic steel pipes based on a look, two smells, three touches, four ends and half off.

1. see

It is to see if the wall thickness of the plastic tube is uniform with the naked eye, and the wall of the tube has bubbles or impurities.

(1) the inner and outer edge of the PVC plastic steel pipe with good quality is a standard circle, and the circular tube wall is evenly distributed, and it is not easy to deform under normal pressure. The inferior plastic steel wire has uneven wall thickness, and the inner and outer edges do not form the standard circle. Under normal pressure, it is easy to deform or burst, and affect the normal service life.

(2) the high quality plastic steel tube wall is colorless and transparent without any impurities. The inferior color may be yellowed and impurities. These are all caused by improper handling during the production process, or are caused by improper storage for a long time.


Use the nose to smell the smell of the pipe. In addition to a few plastic scents, the high quality steel pipe has no odor of any other petrochemical, and the poor quality steel tube has a bad smell of diesel oil.

3. touch

Touch the inner and outer wall of the steel tube by hand, and see how the hand feels. Good quality hand feel good inside and outside the tube wall smooth; inferior pipe wall is relatively rough.

4. to both ends

Remove the two ends of the steel pipe, choose the middle part as a sample to prevent the manufacturer from making two articles at the two ends of the pipe, but in fact, the wall thickness of the pipe is slightly thinner than the two ends of the pipe.

50% off

The fracture is to detect the strength and toughness of steel wire, and intercept a section of steel wire at both ends of the steel pipe. The high quality steel wire needs special tools to cut off. The inferior steel wire is broken down by hand folding. The quality of the steel wire is related to the quality of the whole tube, and the quality of the steel wire may cause the problem of the non recoverable deformation of the pipe.