How To Repair The PVC Reinforced Hose

PVC reinforced hose is widely used in daily life, but it is unavoidable to use improper use of some small loopholes and tear, especially in the middle of the hose, can not be intercepted, a new and uneconomical, very annoying. Xinxin Plastic Co., Ltd. is a large number of users. We will share with you how to repair PVC reinforced hose.

Both general fracture bonding and large hole filling can be treated and adhered to the following methods.

1. make and adhere the inner wall (i.e., from the inner layer of the rubber tube).

(1) making of the inner wall: using the same reinforced material (such as vinylon, such as vinylon, etc.) or the appropriate amount of bleach cloth and glass cloth treated by degreasing, soaked with a self-made solvent, soaked in dilute mud 1~2 times at room temperature and 8~12 hours after drying at room temperature. 1~2 times, 2~4 hours a time (thickness). 0.05 to 0.1), dry at room temperature (24~48 hours).

(2) bonding: prior to pressing the damaged hole with soft paper, cutting along the trace line, that is the actual size and shape of the hole. Then use the red blue pencil to print on the above adhesive tape.