How Do You Know The Good Or Bad Of A Plastic Hose?

I believe you also have such trouble when you buy plastic hose. What about that HOSE? The following Xiaobian teach you the recipe, you may get good standard hose:

1. "touch": whether the texture is fine, whether the particles are uniform. Now on the market PPR pipe with lime green colors, in general, recycled plastics do not white, so consumers tend to think that white is the best, in fact, this view is one-sided. With the improvement of the technology, the color is not the standard to distinguish the quality of the PP-R tube. The good or bad of the tube can not solve the problem and touch it. The coarse particles are likely to be mixed with other impurities.

2. "smell": there is no smell. PP-R pipe is the main material of polypropylene, good pipe has no smell, the smell is very poor, would be the admixture of polyethylene, and polypropylene.

3. "knead": the PP-R tube has a considerable hardness, which can be easily pinched into a deformed tube, certainly not a PP-R tube.

4. "smash": good PP-R tube, "resilience" good, too easy to smash nature is not a good PP-R tube. But the hardness is not equal to the elasticity of good, how to smash the PP-R tube, consumers have to leave the question. Because some illegal manufacturers have added a lot of calcium carbonate and other impurities to improve the hardness of the pipe, such a tube for a long time easily brittle fracture.

5. "burning": ignition and burning, very intuitive and very useful. PP-R pipes mixed with recycled plastics and other impurities will smell black smoke and smell. Good materials will not only smoke black and smell after burning, but also melt liquid after burning.