High Performance Polyimide Thin Films Of Electrical Insulating Materials Industrialization

Polyimide film is key to electrical insulating materials, widely used in power transmission and distribution equipment, wind power equipment, frequency conversion motor, traction motors and high voltage transformer manufacturing. Since the early 90 's, high-performance polyimide thin film materials and micro-electronics production and encapsulation of critical material, widely used in VLSI manufacturing, flexible package substrate, flexible connection lines and so on. From 300 km/h trains to miniaturization of small laptops, cell phones, cameras, video cameras and other electronics is inseparable from polyimide films. According to statistics, the annual demand of polyimide film in China last year more than 2800 tons, the United States and Japan and other foreign products account for a market share of 80. And one of the high-performance polyimide thin film production technology and largely in the hands of developed countries such as the United States and Japan. United States standard DuPont polyimide thin films in the past 10 years has remained at about 1000 Yuan/kg high monopoly prices.