Forming Process Of Temperature Resistant Rubber Tube Production

Rubber tube, a kind of tubular rubber products used to deliver gas, liquid, slurry, or granular materials. The material of the skeleton layer can be made up of cotton fiber, various synthetic fibers, carbon fiber or asbestos, steel wire and so on. The general hose inside and outside the adhesive layer material with natural rubber, styrene butadiene rubber or butadiene rubber; hose with chloroprene rubber, nitrile rubber; acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant hose with ethylene propylene rubber, fluorine rubber or silicone rubber etc..

The basic processes for the production of rubber hose are mixed rubber processing, cord fabric and canvas processing, rubber tube forming, vulcanization and so on. Different structure and different framework of the rubber tube, the framework of the processing method and rubber tube molding equipment different.

The rubber tube forming method is mainly divided into core free method and core method, including soft core method and hard core method.

Coreless molding

The rubber tube is coreless forming, and the equipment is the extrusion molding machine (commonly used screw extruder), and the skeleton layer and the outer rubber layer are directly formed on the inner rubber tube which is pressed out.

Rubber with effect of extrusion screw placed in the cylinder stirring, mixing, plasticizing and pressing, and then move to the head direction, shape from the final die extrusion products, hot and cold feed feeding two screw extruder, the former feeding after strip open rubber mixing machine and preheating the feed without rubber thermal refining.

Core forming

The core of the hose is shaped. It means that the hose is formed on the hard core or soft core. In order to ensure that the hose is in compression state during the curing process, the hose is wrapped in water cloth (about 10cm of the wetting roll), rope or lead after molding, and then is vulcanized.

Vulcanization can be heated by direct steam or continuous vulcanization in vulcanized tank. Short fiber hose is a short fiber directly added to the rubber, and then pressed out of molding, its production process is simple, it will gradually replace the knitted hose and cloth hose. The production process of modern rubber tube tends to be highly continuous and automatic. The use of thermoplastic rubber or plastic can save the vulcanization process and greatly simplify the production process.