Food Grade Hose Common Sense

1, composed of hose: generally speaking, rubber hoses have an inner adhesive layer of synthetic rubber, used to keep the hose transmission fluid in the pipes. Hoses need to be made of steel or fiber weave together or layer winding of reinforced to resist the pressure tube. Within the predominantly white and enhancement layer for 1 or more spiral steel wire, outer 2, working pressure: selection to ensure that hose and connectors maximum recommended working pressure greater than or equal to the maximum working pressure of the system. Peak pulse pressure, or the pressure in the system must be less than or equal to the maximum working pressure of hose assembly. 3, test: test is usually water or other suitable medium at room temperature. Hose Assembly should be packing 30-60 seconds twice times the working pressure leak-free, no pressure drop, packing 5 minutes and requires no leaks, no buck. To view Assembly pressure test. This test in accordance with ISO standard 1402lai implementation.