Export Of PVC Insulated Casing

The essence of PVC is a vacuum plastic film, which is used for surface packaging of various panels. Therefore, it is also known as decorative film and adhesive film, which is applied to many industries, such as building materials, packaging, medicine and many other industries. The building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, 60%, followed by the packaging industry, and a number of other small range of applications.

(1) cost barrier

PVC insulated bushing is a basic chemical raw material, and its product diversity is relatively small. Under the completely competitive market structure in China, the cost is the most important factor that affects the competitiveness of enterprises. As a result of industry characteristics, raw materials and energy occupy a high proportion in product cost. The cost of oil ethylene is mainly affected by the impact of the price of petroleum; calcium carbide production cost is mainly affected by the cost effect in general, calcium carbide, calcium carbide cost accounted for about PVC 70% of the cost, and the cost of electricity has accounted for about 60% of the cost of calcium carbide, because China is rich in power resources in the west, the electricity price is relatively low, compared with the production Eastern Enterprises calcium carbide production enterprises, the calcium carbide method has certain advantages in terms of cost. With resource endowments, supporting the production of calcium carbide enterprises, will build more solid cost barriers.

Industrial policy barriers

To promote the upgrading of chlor alkali industry in the industrial structure, regulate the development of the industry, in accordance with the principle of sustainable development to optimize the layout and orderly development, adjust the structure, save energy, protect the environment, safety production, technological progress, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "formulation (chlor alkali caustic soda, PVC) industry access conditions", and since the beginning of December 1, 2007: in the industrial layout for new chlor alkali production enterprises should be close to the resources, the energy area, the eastern region in addition to the relocation of enterprises outside the principle of caustic soda project is no longer the new carbide PVC project and its matching; technology requirements for construction and reconstruction of the calcium carbide PVC project must be simultaneously supporting the building of carbide slag cement and carbide slag comprehensive using the device access conditions; from the index of energy consumption and environmental standards for new projects. The adjustment of industrial policy greatly improves the threshold of capital, technology, talents and resources in the chlor alkali industry.

Scale barrier

The investment in the production of PVC is large, the fixed cost is high, and the scale benefit is obvious. Large scale enterprises are in a more favorable position in negotiating with suppliers and are conducive to reducing the cost of raw materials. Enterprises with large production and sales have higher market share, with greater market influence and relatively easy access to customers. Once the production and marketing of PVC enterprises have reached a large scale, the marginal cost will be gradually reduced and the ability to resist risk will be enhanced.

Capital Barrier

At the same time, along with the national safety and environmental protection increasingly stringent regulation, the construction unit must complete large-scale chlor alkali production environmental protection device (such as the corresponding line must be supporting equipment for producing cement carbide carbide slag etc.), more investment, most SMEs are unable to bear.

Therefore, the manufacturers of investment in this industry must have strong financial strength, PVC insulation casing, there is a certain amount of capital barriers.