Elaboration Of Plastic Hose

On the properties of plastic hose

With the development of modern industry, hose plays an important part in industry. Plastic hose can be divided into one kind is fully air tight, water tight, mainly used for gas, water heater and so on; the other is to continue winding with material, common plastic corrugated hose for the protection of cable, mainly used in machine tools, telephone and so on.

Nowadays, the plastic hoses we encounter are more common. They have great flexibility in pitch distance. They can be telescopic and telescopic. There is no clogging and rigid; plastic hose is light weight, pipe mouth diameter is the same; in softness, plastic hose can be heavy in bending, good wound, good wear resistance of plastic hose, can prevent pipe damage; plastic hose can bend freely, tensile properties and side are also strong; surface soft and smooth, convenient slippery surface, In line and installation.

The protruding advantage of PVC hose

[high heat resistance] high temperature fluid that can heat up to 150 degrees Celsius, can be used for cleaning and cleaning of food hose.

It is also suitable for low temperature transportation. It can maintain good softness at very low temperatures and can be used as piping for filling and transportation.

There are various special-purpose joints to reduce the joint decomposition and cleaning operation, which can reduce the decomposition and cleaning operation of the food hose pipe, and it is suitable for the filling operation.

* joint structure that is not easily retained by liquid

[according to the legal provisions] it is fully in conformity with the food hygiene law (2012 notifications No. 595 of the Ministry of health and labor, 52 of the Ministry of health, 1951) and the FDA specification.

* FDA DMF Type II (No. 25486)

Special strengthening structure and anti cracking structure to enhance the reliability of the joints and to prevent the shedding and breakage of joints.

Tasteless, odorless, odorless, and will not affect the dissolution of fluids. It can be used safely in food and beverages.

* can be used as a rubber hose for food and beverage.

[easy to confirm fluid] hose is transparent, can confirm the fluid, use very reassuring.

Light weight and ease of operation is about 30% lighter than that of ordinary rubber tube and improves working efficiency.

What are the advantages of a plastic hose

With the use of flexible hose for various materials in life, the places used for plastic hose made by different materials are different. Therefore, people can choose according to the actual situation of the user in the process of use. The plastic hose is mainly used in its structure with special "ring groove". It is made in the form of the special-shaped section, so what is the advantage over the traditional hose during its use, then what are the advantages of the plastic hose?

1. The plastic hose is designed, unique and reasonable in the process of design. Therefore, it breaks through the traditional plate structure and brings more products to the people.

2, the plastic hose has very good compressive and impact strength, and in use, it has good flexibility, can be twisted and bending, and so on, very convenient, flexible, with good corrosion resistance and insulation advantages.

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