Drip Tape How To Use It Correctly

1, Drip Tape the temperature on the use of 3M tape 3M tape a greater impact. All operations should be carried out at room temperature to prevent adhesion due to temperature.

   2, before the paste version, plate and plate roll appearance should be kept clean. Dust, rust, ink and other dirt will damage the adhesion of 3M tape, resulting in poor bonding and warping appearance. Plate and plate cleaning should use high concentrations of alcohol, due to other chemical solvents may damage the plate or sleeve.

   3, paste version, the board 3M tape area should be greater than the area of the plate, so the edge of the tape to be greater than the margin of the plate, so that can greatly reduce the risk of warp.

   4, paste version, the media interface and tape interface to avoid. If the interface of the media is on the interface of the double-sided tape, it is simple to make the interface plate sticking is not strong, Alice and printing plate and other appearance.

   5,  Drip Tape when the tape can not be directly by hand tape. Take a double-sided tape to remove the side of some of the release paper, do not immediately open the paper from the open, until some tape fixed, and then gradually open the release paper.

   6, after the printing plate paste, in order to prevent printing and cleaning ink and solvent touch tape and media marginal adhesive, around the plate can be affixed to a circle of sealing tape to prevent warpage appearance. Edge of the thickness of the tape to thin as well.

  7, unloading, advocate the plate to less than 90 ° point of view (unloaded plate and drum tangent angle) slow and smooth unloading, so to prevent the media appear wrinkled or broken. The slower the unloading, the weaker the bond to the tape, and vice versa. When unloading the tape, the method is the same as that of the unloading plate.

   Drip Tape The flexible version is a sophisticated printing technique, and many variables require manipulation. With the manufacturers of the label print quality of the request is getting higher and higher, every process of printing process control is more and more important, look forward to this article in the tape version of the simple discussion can give you help.