Diversified Development Momentum Of Plastic Hose Packaging

Plastic hose is an international advanced packaging container, its products are non-toxic, tasteless, hygienic and convenient, and its surface is bright, bright and beautiful.

The price is low. It is widely used in cosmetics, medicine, food, detergent and other daily necessities, which can highlight the value of products. Hose package

It is economical, convenient and easy to carry. It is suitable for accommodating emulsion and gum. In recent years, with the rapid development of modern packaging industry and plastic hose package,

With the continuous optimization of the assembly, the development of hose packaging is strong.

Main application fields of hose packaging

Plastic composite hose has become one of the main packaging varieties of cosmetics, medicine and food for its convenience, economy and hygiene.

Since the 90s of last century, China has introduced a large number of advanced composite hose production equipment from Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan.

Meng. According to the relevant reports, the strong growth of skin care products and bathing products will promote the growth of hose packaging at a higher average speed.

It's a vertical hose.

Hose has the advantages that other materials are hard to compare with. Therefore, since its inception, it has made a difference in cosmetics and medicine packaging. Now more

It's an indispensable form of packaging for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Plastic composite hoses are widely used in cosmetics industry for cleaning cream and cleansing milk.

Bathing, shampoo, shampoo, hair conditioner, hair dye, depilatory cream, toothpaste and other products. Cosmetics are the biggest hose at present.

The customer group accounts for about 60% to 70% of the total business of the hose. Hoses are mainly used for the packaging of topical drugs such as cream and plaster in the pharmaceutical industry.

Medicines occupy 15% to 20% percentage in hose packaging.

Classification of plastic composite hose

Plastic hoses can be classified into single layer hoses and multilayer hoses according to their materials.

Single layer hose including metal hose and plastic extrusion hose; multilayer hose including aluminum plastic composite hose, plastic composite hose and Plastic Co extrusion.

Hose。 According to the classification process, the hose can be divided into seamless pipe and tube. Seamless pipe includes cold stamping, rolling forming and extrusion molding.

Including the seamed tube high frequency welding and ultrasonic welding he molding method. Extrusion molding can process multi-layer or single layer plastic hoses.