Determination Method And Composition Of Plastic Hose

Plastic hose is an important part of modern industry. The hose is mainly used for wire and cable, automatic instrument signal wire and cable protection tube and civil shower hose, specifications from 3mm to 150mm. Small diameter hose (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for sensing line protection of precision optical ruler and industrial sensor line protection. Minimum length of specimen hose, excluding end pipe connections. It should be 5 times the nominal diameter of the hose, or the length of 1 m. If the length of the two is the same, if the length is less than 1m, then complete the root hose or hose assembly.

Test procedure

A method

Put the hose in one plane as flat as possible and plug one end of the hose with a metal plug so that it does not leak. A solid ball is inserted into the hose. Then the opening end of the hose is attached to a vacuum pump attached to the vacuum table, and the internal pressure of the hose is lowered to the specified test pressure in 60s and the pressure must not be less than 10min.

At the same time, check the pressure of the test, check whether there are sunken or collapsing conditions outside the hose, and then tilt the test hose, make the ball pass through the hose, and check whether the hose has any obstacles caused by internal deformation.

B method

A sealing plug made from a transparent material at one end of the hose is attached to a vacuum pump with a vacuum table, and the internal pressure of the hose is reduced to the pressure value of the military aid test in 60s and no less than 10 cliffs in min.

While maintaining the pressure of the test, use a light source with a certain brightness, check the general situation in the hose through a transparent plate, and check whether there is an external depression or collapse of the outside of the hose.

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Plastic hoses contain plasticizers?

Non plasticizer plastic hose, non plasticizer special hose is a food grade hose through the most stringent GB-70098 non plasticizer certification, is made of bio pharmaceutical grade elastomer, reached or exceeded USP 23 CASS VI, FDA 21CFR-177.2600, USDA and 3A standards, and does not contain machine plasticizer, phthalate two formate and Latex additives; not decomposing any smell and taste; smooth inner wall non stick water; high temperature disinfection and high pressure sterilization; widely used in pharmaceutical and biological technology manufacturing process, liquid transmission, filling, steam, air transfer design with the maximum bending degree; tear resistant at the same time do not break any smell and taste; Non sticky water makes it ideal for medical, semiconductor, cosmetic, food, beverage and dairy products industries. Plastic hose without plasticizer is the best pipe for conveying rice wine. The product is light, soft, flexible, corrosion resistant, hydrolytic, transparent, non-toxic, tasteless, low bending radius and negative pressure resistance. It can keep its original shape in vacuum. It also maintains good flexibility at extremely low temperatures. It has super high strength and long service life.