Current Situation Of PVC Casing Pipe Industry

PVC pipe industry also exists in the number of production enterprises (nearly 400), small production capacity (2 million 800 thousand tons), demand (2003 national profile sales of 1 million 200 thousand tons), the contradiction between capacity can not fully play, with an annual output of more than 20 thousand tons of enterprises less than 10, the level of product quality uneven, inferior products there is still a market, industry quality and technical standard is too low, not conducive to technological progress, to substitute aluminum back. The high-end market (30%) is occupied by foreign brands. The middle and low-grade markets are unprofitable and competitive, and the final pattern has not yet been formed.

From the factory distribution, among the 392 profile manufacturers, 37% in the southeast, 12% in Shandong, 17% in the central region, 19% in the northeast and 15% in the western region. From the capacity division, the national capacity of 2003 is 2 million 800 thousand tons, 9% in Shandong, 1% in the central region, 32% in the northeast, 7% in the West and 39% in the southeast.

As one of the products of the development of science and technology, PVC pipe in daily life everywhere and. In Europe, 1980 years 1990 plastic tube growth rate of 8%, 2001 production reached 3 million 500 thousand tons, which accounted for 60% of the PVC tube. In 1985, the production of plastic pipe in the United States was 1 million 600 thousand tons, and the output in 1999 was about 3 million 600 thousand tons, of which, the PVC pipe accounted for 78%. The first UPVV expansion pipe in China was born in the Shenyang plastic factory in 1983. Since then, the Chinese mainland has the ability to produce PVC pipes and drainage pipes. In the late twentieth Century, the late 90s was the high speed development period of the PVC pipeline in the mainland of China. During some years, some 50 thousand tons of factories have been built and put into production in some more than 50 thousand tons of production, and more than 30 tons of more than 10000 tons of pipeline factories have been produced on the scale of more than ten thousand tons. The annual production capacity of plastic pipes is 2 million tons.