Considerations For Using PVC Transparent Hoses:

Considerations for using PVC transparent hoses:

Be sure to use a plastic hose within the specified temperature and pressure range. When pressure is applied, please turn on / off any valve slowly so as not to form impact pressure and damage the hose. The hose will expand and contract slightly with the change of the internal pressure. When in use, please cut the hose into a shorter length than you need.

The hose used shall be suitable for the fluid to be loaded. Consult a professional if you are unsure if the hose used is suitable for a fluid.

Please do not use non food grade hoses for the production or handling of food products, drinking water and cooking or washing of food. Hose, please use it above its minimum bending radius. When the hose is applied to the powder and particle, please enlarge the bending radius as much as possible to reduce the possible wear and tear on the hose.

In the vicinity of metal parts, do not use in extreme bending.

Please do not contact hoses or near open flames.

Please do not use vehicles rolling hose.

• in the cutting of steel wire reinforced hose and fiber reinforced wire reinforced hose, the exposed steel wire will do harm to the man. Please pay special attention to it.

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