Cause Analysis Of Fracture Of Metal Hose

The metal hose must be installed correctly, and the installation length should be in the middle position between the maximum tension and the compression length. If installed properly, the metal hose will break easily at the abnormal part, or the end. The part of the metal hose to absorb vibration is near the engine end, which accounts for about 1/3 of the whole hose length, and the other length area belongs to the compensation installation tolerance section. During the use process, due to the particularity of its structure, the inner buckle contact surface is frictional, and the mud in the gap is easy to accumulate. For a long time, it will break or be stuck, and the ability to lose flexible expansion can not effectively absorb the vibration from the engine. It will cause damage to other parts and even the muffler. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the failure mechanism of metal hose.