Brief Introduction Of PVC Hose Material

PVC hose is a soft pipe made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride resin) as the main material, and then a certain proportion of plasticizer, stabilizer, lubricant and other auxiliary materials. PVC hose has corrosion resistance, light and soft flexural properties. PVC is the first and the world's second largest general synthetic resin, its main raw material is coal or crude oil.

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Brief introduction of PVC hose material

PVC is Polyvinylchlorid, the main component of PVC polyvinyl hydrogen ethylene, bright color, corrosion resistance, durable, because in the manufacturing process, adding plasticizer, anti aging agent and other toxic auxiliary materials to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, ductility and so on, so its products generally do not store food and medicine. It is a kind of synthetic material which is very popular, widely used and widely used in the world today. Its global usage ranks second in various synthetic materials. According to statistics, in 1995 alone, the production of PVC in Europe was about five million tons, while its consumption was five million and three hundred thousand tons. In Germany, the average production and consumption of PVC is one million and four hundred thousand tons. PVC is being produced and applied worldwide at a rate of 4%. In recent years, the growth rate of PVC in Southeast Asia has been particularly notable, thanks to the urgent need for infrastructure development in Southeast Asian countries.

PVC is the most suitable material for producing three dimensional surface film. PVC (polyvinyl chloride), the simple structure of its single body is very widely used for CH2=CHClpvc PVC material, mainly used in making: prun PVC card; PVC tag; PVC wire; PVC curtain; PVC coating electric welding network; PVC foamed board, PVC suspension top, PVC pipe, PVC kicking line, line pipe, cable cable supplier insulation, plastic doors Windows, plastic bags and so on. PVC products can be seen everywhere in our daily life. PVC is used to produce all kinds of imitation leather, such as basketball, football and rugby. It can also be used for making belts for uniforms and special protective equipment. PVC material is widely used, and has good processing properties, low manufacturing cost, corrosion resistance, insulation and so on.