Brief Introduction Of High Temperature Resistant PVC Reinforced Hose

As the name suggests, the high temperature resistant PVC hose is the product type named according to its performance characteristics, that is, it is used with very strong temperature resistance, and the field is now used in many fields which are widely used in the fields of food, chemical industry, transportation, hot water, hot oil, and powder. Type. This type of pipe has a lot of characteristics, it is made of special material, so it is suitable when the temperature is high. They are also widely used in many fields, such as food manufacturing.

High temperature resistant PVC reinforced hose will not be deformed in the high temperature environment, and its suitable temperature is between 5 degrees Celsius and 100 degrees Celsius. The use of such environment will not have a negative effect. Such products in the production of the most used when the material is PVC material and steel wire material, and for the use of wire material in the use of the processing will be processed, with such processing and disposal, then it will make its metal performance will be better.