Application Characteristics And Applicable Range Of Flexible Pervious Pipe

Application characteristics and applicable range of flexible pervious pipe

Soft permeable pipe is a filter down through the water pipe (exhaust), which overcomes many disadvantages of other drainage pipes, drainage and seepage effects are particularly strong, the use of "capillary" phenomenon and the "siphon" principle, set and water, drainage for one, has to meet the pressure resistance and permeability and the filter function of engineering design requirements.

Characteristics of flexible pervious pipes:

1) pore diameter is small, all directional water permeability, permeability is good;

2) high compressive and tensile strength, long service life;

3) corrosion resistance and good antimicrobial resistance;

4) the whole continuity is good, the connection is few, and the connection is convenient;

5) light weight and easy construction;

6) soft texture, good combination with soil.

Applicable scope of flexible pervious pipe:

1) vertical and horizontal drainage of various retaining walls in the north;

2) highway, railway subgrade, shoulder Road, soft soil foundation drainage;

3) drainage of tunnels and underground passages;

4) electric ash dam and water dam drainage;

5) highway central isolation belt drainage and protection of vegetation;

6) drainage of outdoor sports grounds;

7) horizontal horizontal drilling and drainage;

8) landslide drainage and slope protection;

9) Roof garden and Hwadae drainage;

10) slope land water conservation;

11) underground drainage of site preparation works;

12) the system of drainage and saline land reclamation in low-lying land.

The flexible water permeable pipe does not break because of the change of Geology and geographical temperature, and can achieve the effect of discharging clean water, and can not cause two pollution to the environment, and belongs to a new environmental protection product. Because of its simple construction, no joints, no special requirements for geology and topography, any place where dark drainage is needed can be used at will.

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