Anti-skid Pattern Pipe Uses

Slip also known as pattern pattern tube heat shrinkable tube products are eco-friendly, soft, non-slip, beautiful and shrinking fast, stable performance and so on. Widely used in high-end gear, sports equipment, fitness equipment and supplies, and other fields. Below, we introduce it which is the role of it? Fishing rods: non-electric heat shrinkable sleeve essential tools for fishing activities. Out fishing, if it encounters unknown power in the water, or when power lines would create incalculable risks, preventing electric heat shrinkable sleeve fishing tackle was not only beautiful, but also protecting your personal safety. Photography: guards against slide the heat shrink tubing on the tripod, except to protect your equipment, but feel more comfortable and stable, but can no longer let the feeling of cold hands in the winter affect your shot. Sports equipment: guards against slide the heat shrink tubing on the racket grip, soft to the touch, easy to use, easy to clean.