PVC Blue PVC Lay Flat Hose

PVC Blue PVC Lay Flat Hose
Product Details

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·A premium pvc irrigation and water discharge hose.

·PVC Blue Pvc Lay Flat Hose is reinforced with two spiral plies and longitudinal synthetic cords.homogeneous PVC cover to prevent separation.

The advantages of PVC Blue Pvc Lay Flat Hose:

·Total fresh material, no smelly, no toxic. 

·UV-resistant, Anti-corrosion.

·Life time:3-5 years.

·Easy to install, roll and move.

·Not intended for use as a fire hose.





1.The lining of high strength polyester filament, high quality PVC material, a penetrating extrusion coating from outside to insidesmooth coating, glue without delamination and not degumming

2. High pressure resistance

3. The material is soft and elastic, colorful durable, not easy to fade

4Eco-friendly PVC, non-toxic, no odor,Aging resistant, resistant to corrosion, anti-UV

5. Long service life, 4-6 years service life

6cold resistance, do not harden and working normally in the four seasons

7To win the trust of users for PVC hose comprehensive first quality 

8. In strict accordance with the standard of customer production, the length and quantity fit for the standard

9. Clear logo packaging printing , perfect visual experience 

10. Some occasions can replace the rubber tube and pipe laying and have characteristics of fast withdrawing flexible, strong environmental adaptability.


1:Fit for water pump with head about 60m lay length within 1000m

2:  Agricultural irrigation, construction of drainage, emergency water supply drainage ,mine water, home gardening, Agricultural production,Horticultural production

3:  Can be usded with the mud pump, high pressure water spray gun, sand pump


1Fit for water pump with head below 60-80m lay length 

2: Recommend laying length within 1000 meters

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