Polyethylene Layflat Hose

Polyethylene Layflat Hose
Product Details

Product Features:

1.  Use the melt index [1] PE as main raw materials, with German BASF anti ultraviolet material and metallocene

2. No odornon-toxicEco-friendly 

3. Soft material, thin wall, light weight, high fracture pressure

4. Black shield sunlight, long aging time , up to 3-5 years. Low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance

5. Thickness according to customers requirements , can choose single layer, double layer for composite structure

6. Convenient for storage and use, folding, installation, flexible operation, high efficiency irrigation

7. No short of length100 meters per roll

8. Clear logo packaging printing , perfect visual experience 

Application Area:

1:Designed for drainage, irrigation and drainage for farmland and supply water for construction site.

2:Home gardening, public green space,Agricultural production,Horticultural production.


1. Recommend laying length of 100 meters

2. 100 meters per roll and 100-1000 meters each piece

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