Nitrile rubber characteristics

Containing polar nitrile, polar or non-polar mineral oil, animal and vegetable oils, liquid fuels and solvents have high stability. Oil is the biggest specialist, propylene content of high oil resistance as possible. Heat resistance better than natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, neoprene, 120 ℃ long-term use can be in the air. Air tightness good, second only to butyl rubber. Less cold resistance, low temperature resistance, higher the acrylonitrile content, cold and worse. Non-crystalline rubber, rubber lower strength into reinforcing agents, combined with acrylonitrile to increase the capacity to increase the strength and wear resistance, elasticity. The dielectric properties of NBR almost, belongs to the rubber, semiconductors. Balance of oil resistance and permanent deformation of rubber, oil resistance and electrical properties of balance is important. Applications: mainly for the production of oil-resistant rubber, widely used in the manufacture of seals, gaskets, molded and extruded products such as gaskets, rubber rollers, oil-resistant rubber tubes, industrial supplies, and adhesives, and so on.