NEETRUE Nye brand regional agent

NEETRUE Nye brand regional agent


The hose nozzle on the domestic market oversupply, producers are uneven in quality, serious homogenization, some manufacturers rely on inferior products and low sales to obtain the customer market on the market, some dealers purchase origin and similar products, no brand. Between the dealer and the dealer vicious price war, purely price for customers, operating expenses rose year by year, but the profit decline year by year, seriously affected the sales enthusiasm of the dealers, not only damages the interests of dealers, have serious negative effects to the development of this industry and!

I abandon the low price, quick business ideas, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win "principle of cooperation, to win market quality, to win the customer specification.

At present, our company is looking for domestic regional distributor, as long as you have the following conditions:

1, identity brand values; 2, the concept of brand management; 3, the ability to promote brand; 4, with terminal wholesale customer base.

Or you sell similar products, but not satisfied with the current manufacturers and products, then you can try our products, we will protect your brand sales area, to ensure exclusive agency. If you are interested, you may contact us to see if we have common consciousness and willingness to open up the market, and perhaps bring us new sales growth points. Through unremitting efforts, the successful promotion of regional brands in the past two years has many customer cases.

Manufacturers / distributors / users - create a brand, mutual benefit and win-win, allowing users to use high-quality durable products.

We can't stop our peers from copying, but we're never surpassed!

We can't stop our peers from flooding the market, but we can guarantee brand exclusivity!

We focus on building industry brands, seeking long-term development for both supply and demand -- NEETRUE Nye, good stewards of the land!

If you are!

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