How to explain the principle of noise reduction and shock absorption of stainless steel metal hose

How to explain the principle of noise reduction and shock absorption of stainless steel metal hose

The exhaust pipe is made up of two different pipes of different lengths, and the two pipes are separated first and then converge. Because the difference between the length of the two pipes is half the wavelength of the acoustic waves emitted by the car, the interference of the two columns can cancel each other while reducing the sound intensity, so as to reduce the sound intensity and reduce the noise.

The sound is caused by the vibration. To reduce the sound, it is possible to reduce the vibration of the object.

The principle of muffler is that the exhaust gas is imported into the front, and then is pressed into the second level by the porous baffle in front. It enters the level third, and the third level and the final exhaust are finally discharged into the atmosphere.

Stainless steel metal hose is mainly to compensate for the axial, lateral and angular displacement of the pipe, and it can also be used to absorb noise. It is usually made up of the pipe flanged stainless steel bellows formed by the expansion and absorption pipes of their own and easy to install and seal.

The pump tube is widely used in the water treatment workshop of the steel plant, the Petrochemical Wharf, the refinery, the shipbuilding plant and the high-rise building.

In the pump or compressor piping and valves, instruments and other, often because of vibration damage instruments and other key components, affect the normal operation of the system, and even cause the resonance tube system, and system and equipment failure, vibration and noise pollution is serious, our company developed the pump and hose, can be effective the absorption of vibration, noise reduction.


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