Hangzhou Neetrue Irrigation Facilities Co.,Ltd. started in a small family workshop since 1987.  

In the early stage, the company specially developed and manufactured the quick connectors of plastic and aluminum alloy for the Chinese market.To get more room for development,the factory developed a series of different goods:

1994-- PVC lay flat hose 

1998--PE, EVA lay flat hose 

2003 -- sprinkler tape and PVC suction pipe

2013--drip tape and related products

In these 20 years,we are not confused by the low-quality,low-price market, always adhere to concentrate on producing high quality products,creating more value for customers.until now a large number of customers at home and abroad trust and cooperate with us stably, the factory gradually grows, yearly material output up to 10000 ton.

Until now, Hangzhou Neetrue Irrigation Facilities Co., Ltd. passed the ISO certification, product testing by SGS, service customers overseas.

We sincerely willing to become your production base to provide quality assurance for your brand and expand the market.